My journey to becoming a Software Engineer

Prior to enrolling as a Software Engineering student at Flatiron School, I worked in miscellaneous Accounting and Finance roles. Although, I did enjoy much of the work I did in these roles I felt that my creative-side was being unused and the routine was wearing me down.

Two years ago a family member suggested that I look into coding to separate myself from others with a Finance degree. The idea of learning programming languages and web frameworks although intimidating sounded like a fun challenge. However, I was not ready to make this leap until recently.

The start of the new decade and year brought me to reflect on my life decisions and asking myself if I was truly “happy”. The answer being “no”. The second question I asked was “Do I like where my career is heading?”. The answer to that question was also “no”. So, then the question became “how can I make myself happy?”

The first thing I needed to be aware of is that the decisions I was making I often was making based on what I thought others would think. I wanted to live up to this idea of being perfect and having to admit that I had selected the wrong major in college strayed from that image. However, I knew ultimately that continuing along my current career trajectory was not the right move. So, I let go of wanting to be perfect and focused on making decisions that were best for me. This was a freeing experience as it allowed me to make not only important career decisions but also life decisions as well.

The next step on my path to happiness was finding the correct career. This brought back the software engineering recommendation from my family member. Software engineering seemed like a logical transition because I loved using Excel to build-out automated and user-friendly budgeting/ forecasting tools for my co-workers. So, I signed up for a coding workshop and the rest is history.

I’m writing this after having completed Module 3 of 5 with Flatiron school and I am still thrilled with my decision. Software engineering has allowed me to be creative and solve unique problems. I feel extremely fortunate to have found something I am passionate about and love that there is always something new to learn. So asking myself now if I’m happy, I’m proud to say that the answer is “yes”!

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